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Feedback from Jenn’s Talks

From the 2012 Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference  

“It was great to get all of the information that she shared!”

“Jenn is straight and right to the point”

“Great work exposing the truth”

“Amazing, excellent!  Jenn’s talk was packed with great statistics and information.  She gives me the desire to speak out against these evils!”

From the 2012 Pregnancy Care Center Annual Dinner and Fundraiser

“Jenn was a spectacular addition to our annual fundraiser.  As the mistress of ceremonies for the evening she kept the event on schedule and provided both education and human interest stories for our guests all throughout the evening.  She stayed and answered questions until the last guest left and then provided an interview for one of the local Catholic Radio stations.  I don’t know where she gets her energy from but I am grateful she shared it with us!” 

Anne Lotierzo, Executive Director of Pregnancy Care Center

 From Our Mother of Mercy High School in Cincinnati, Ohio

“Through the sharing of their personal stories of family life, Jenn and her fellow “moms” showed my students how marriage can be a powerful base for experiencing trust, intimacy, covenant, and an integrity capable of meeting life’s challenges with love.”

Mr. Robert Bonnici
Religion Teacher
Morality and Christian Lifestyles
Mother of Mercy High School
Cincinnati, Ohio

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